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Workspace Needs.

Workspaces should encourage a focus on the task in hand, enable collaboration, enhance attention to detail and allow employees to relax and feel comfortable in a positive working environment. Get all of these right and you will empower creativity and increase productivity.

There are important factors to consider. The history of workspace design shows that whenever these decisions are made by an in-house team there are risks, for example, “office politics”, and the “I don’t care who is nearest the door as long it is not me” attitude!

Workspace Essentials.

Avoid these risks by designing workspaces with best practice answers to the following:

Studies indicate open plan may have passed its sell by date. There is now a propensity towards creating a personal customisable workspace, social places for collaboration and thinking rooms when being creative needs a space with peace and quiet.

It’s not arguable that poor lighting is bad for productivity. There are many tried and tested ways for lighting to be improved.

If renovating or building a new office and ceiling height is still flexible, include the benefits to employees of raised ceilings.

Colour has a major effect on emotions, productivity and employee effectiveness so include the psychology of colours in your design thinking

Workspace Specialists

Our workspace design team working with your team will meet your needs and deliver the essentials of a great workspace.

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