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Colin Diamond & Clorah McGavigan, Directors at Clever Office.

History & Story of Clever Office

As interior workspace design and planning consultants established since 1975, we specialise in providing workable and affordable solutions in workplace environments. Our guiding principle and the foundation of our success has always been and will continue to be very simple; partnering with our clients to meet their business goals.

We are always looking to add value to our clients and to help with this we have developed three core principles of experience, approach and creativity which we believe adds real value to our service.


It is our experience that workspace design is about the relationship between people at work and their relationship with their working environment.

Our experienced and significant resources are always motivated and inspired to present solutions that meet and exceed the needs of the business environment and its employees.


We partner with you to solve problems, identify solutions and deliver design projects.

We create effective product and service solutions and track project design milestones to ensure successful product and service delivery.

Our teams are experienced with many years of continuous service and value their professional partnerships with our valued customers.


We are innovators and take pride in working hard to develop the best combination of product, materials, and interior solutions for our clients.

Our job satisfaction is about giving you a more productive and exciting working environment where employees become more creative, achieve higher performance levels, leading to improved productivity.


You can have confidence in our ability to deliver a comprehensive range of modern office services and products at the most competitive prices. We have over 45 years of experience in doing just that. Decisions on your best solutions are prepared by a team with the training, product & technical knowledge and power to make prompt decisions. We have superior and exclusive office service alternatives based on continuous reviews of the marketplace. Which means our customers know they have access to the most modern and highest quality office products and services.

Your working day begins, lights get turned on, chairs start to swivel, technology starts to hum, printers click into gear, notes are taken, pages are proofed, and desktop space disappears  alongside the first coffee of the morning. Another busy day at the office.
As daily deadlines approach, you may be hoping the light at the end of the tunnel is not the train coming towards you and with that thought in mind, please be aware; the routine physical and mental challenges your business has to overcome are clearly understood by Clever Office in the context of what we must deliver to your business. We are online and only a click away but still retain the human touch, innovate with diversity, value our customers and embrace technology as a key business enabler. So, when you need to refresh your office with furniture, equipment, stationery or facility supplier don’t take a chance on missing any daily deadline; just call or click and take us on board as your trusted silent partner. We won’t let you down.


Our success in the future will be measured by our ability to respond with clarity, speed and added value to the needs of our ever changing marketplace.

At Your Service

We would welcome the opportunity to tell you more about our products, services and our outstanding team. If you would like a consultation to plan your new office design or get a quotation for your next office service or product, please don’t hesitate to contact us at anytime

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