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Office Breakout Furniture

An area for office breakout furniture is a phenomenon in many businesses, because employers and work lives are becoming more innovative! Research has shown that doing so creates a positive working environment, encourages creativity and increases productivity. Therefore, many workplaces recognise the need for a place to break away from normal office routine.

Creating Culture and Personality

Office breakout furniture usually means comfortable chairs, soft cushions and informal tables. The space can be used for a variety of activities including internal office meetings, lunch breaks, waiting areas and more. For example, employees can relax and unwind, brainstorm and problem-solve. Clients and visitors can also sit and relax in breakout spaces. In doing so, they can sample the culture and personality of the company. Alternatively, have that important meeting in an informal and relaxed atmosphere which might be more productive!

Not convinced? Here are our top reasons for creating a breakout space, informed by our years of experience at Clever Office.

8 Reasons for Breakout Space

⦁ Get staff away from their desks and break the cycle, so that they return to work refreshed
⦁ Create extra workspace, especially when modern technology enables work to be completed on mobile devices
⦁ Encourage interaction between staff from different departments, creating teamwork and cooperation
⦁ Invite visitors to relax in a friendly, welcoming space and not be left sitting in an office meeting
⦁ Show existing staff you care
⦁ Attract new talent because they may expect this, or it could be the reason they say yes to your company
⦁ Create a centre-point for collaboration, announcements, good news, latest updates and motivational messages in person or posted on a notice board.
⦁ Relax and have some refreshments or lunch without leaving the office, which is often the only alternative to sitting looking at a screen.

Looking for more ways to create a workplace that gets your staff excited? Check out our tips for sit-stand desks, ergonomic office chairs, or discover our full range of office furniture.

At Your Service

Our comprehensive range of breakout furniture caters for all of these needs. We can design your vision to share with staff in 3D, get their buy-in and create win/win situations for everybody when the time comes to “open” your new breakout space.

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