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Storage Furniture

At Clever Office we have the most comprehensive range of office storage furniture that will blend into your current office design. We have all shapes and sizes and are certain that nothing you have that needs storing is too long, short, wide or thin for us to store.

There appears to be an eternal crusade towards the “paperless” office. It has been said that actually starting a paperless office project actually increases the amount of paper in circulation! In addition, cloud computing is now with us. In theory, this also means less paper to push around the office. But even if these were to work perfectly, there would still be a need to store paper and many other office objects that take up too much of valuable working space in the office.

Examples of some paper storage needs are as follows:

⦁ Staff with office storage furniture can work more efficiently without having to search for missing documents.
⦁ Safe storage and protection of confidential documents and data.
⦁ Decluttering of workspaces.
⦁ Allow privacy, personalisation of space and space ownership.

In addition there is also the need to be able to safely store the following everyday needs in a safe and secure space.

⦁ Stationery
⦁ Literature
⦁ Office Supplies
⦁ Personal belongings
⦁ Meeting equipment
⦁ Training & Development Equipment
⦁ Books
⦁ Tools & Technology
⦁ Etc.

At Your Service

We would be happy to show you our range of storage options and advise you how to ensure “real working space” is not taken over by clutter and chaos.

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