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Office Screen Partitions

Office screens and partitions allow you use existing office space effectively. They can be a permanent design feature, or a stepping-stone to a new office design. Either way, office screens can be a great way to make an office space of any size workable.

Easy Solutions

Whatever the reason, modifying office workspaces to suit your business needs has never been easier. We can provide you with office screens and partitions designed to create privacy within office spaces and still preserve a collaborative and communication driven business environment. Just adding a free standing screen to a desk or placing a partition in a strategic location can really help individuals or a group focus on a project or key task in hand.

Our screens and partitions double up for sound dampening with effective acoustic performance that limits noise coming from nearby busy working environments when silence and thinking time by a group or an individual is required.

All of our screens and partitions are budget-friendly and available in a variety of colours, fabrics and materials. They are specifically designed to provide an employee friendly appearance while retaining a business-like and professional image wherever they are placed.

At Your Service

Whether you need to save space or create more privacy, streamline your office layout or get staff working more creatively and productively, we can provide a competitively-priced screen and partition solution that works for you.

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