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Clever Office Furniture

Clever Office offer a wide range of modern office furniture for every interior space at affordable prices, available for delivery and installation across Ireland. We offer a wide range of office furniture for corporate and home offices of all sizes. From simple office desks and office chairs to modern height adjustable tables and ergonomic computer seating, we have a huge catalog of items to choose from.

Considerations When Buying Office Furniture


There are a few things which should be top of mind when purchasing office furniture – space is one of them! The furniture you buy should fit around how much available space you actually have, as well as how many people need to use said space.


This goes without saying. If you buy cheap you will end up buying twice. Going cheap will only cause further expense down the line. Investing in quality furniture that is also functional and durable will minimize your long-term spending. Good quality chairs, for example, will also have a better impact on the physical health of it’s users.


Your new office furniture should remain consistent with the overall look and design of the room it is being placed in. It should reflect your brand and your values. Quality and professional furniture will not only impress your employees, but also your clients and customers.

Office Acoustics 

Minimizing noise is essential to creating a pleasant working experience for you and your employees. Incorporating movable walls, partitions or even acoustic hubs can reduce noise and improve productivity!


Depending on your needs, privacy may be an important consideration for you when choosing furniture. Strategic positioning of office screens and partitions can create privacy within open office spaces while also preserving a collaborative and communicative environment. (Read more)

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