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Canteen Furniture

Clever Office offer modern canteen furniture, to create a welcoming and comfortable canteen for staff and visitors. Canteens used to be purely functional places where people went to eat and stay the shortest possible time as they refuelled for the rest of the day. But not anymore. In the modern working world, people look to find a place where they can sit, relax, unwind and also entertain any visitors that may be on-site for any reason.

Understanding the Need

Similar to all other office space designs, our approach to canteen design is to get to know the people who will be using the facility so as to understand their needs and manage their expectations. Taking this time out to listen is also an opportunity to understand, what if any problem, could be solved or opportunities captured by having a multi-dimensional approach to the canteen design and fit out.
Examples of this approach in previous designs we have completed include: the space must offer easy access to power and reliable connectivity for both work and leisure: there should be open space for noisy interaction when people meet and behave socially: a private  dedicated area where staff can find peace and quiet if they need it for themselves or a visitor.

Solution Design

Taking all of these needs into consideration we then start to look at the type of furniture, what colours to use, think about what fabrics will look best and wear well and be complementary to other office spaces. It is also very important we take into the account the essence of the company’s branding, what are its key messages and core values. We ensure these three critical factors are aligned with and supported by all aspects of canteen design.

At Your Service

Our design team at Clever Office can help you design and build a canteen facility that provides a vibrant and comfortable space for your employees and visitors. We have a comprehensive range of canteen furniture from leading manufacturers to suit all sizes, shapes and budgets.

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