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Office Fit Out Cost Calculator

Fill out the empty fields and then click on ‘Get the Cost’ below to receive an estimate on how much your office fit out project will cost!

    Understanding Office Renovation Costs

    Office renovation costs can vary widely, influenced by the size of the space, the extent of the renovations and the quality of materials and finishes chosen. At its core, the process involves updating the work environment to enhance functionality, aesthetics and employee satisfaction. 

    Utilising the Office Fit-Out Calculator

    Our fit-out calculator simplifies budget planning by taking into account the most cost-impacting variables – the number of people in the office and the desired finish specifications, so that you get your estimated budget cost as accurate as possible.

    Number of People and Occupancy Space

    The cornerstone of any fit-out budget is the number of people it is intended to serve and the size of the space. Essentially, the more employees you need to accommodate, the more extensive your requirements for furniture, equipment, and space optimisation. This direct correlation between occupancy and cost underscores the importance of precise planning to ensure every square foot of your office space is utilised efficiently.

    Specification Needs: From Low to High Finish

    The specification or finish level you choose for your office fit-out plays a pivotal role in determining the overall cost. Preferences vary widely, from basic necessities to premium setups, each catering to different budget and aesthetic needs.

    Low to Medium Spec Finish

    Opting for a low to medium spec finish involves selecting basic yet functional furniture options like entry-level bench desking and ergonomic chairs. These choices prioritise cost-efficiency and functionality without significant structural or cosmetic enhancements, making them ideal for businesses focused on fundamental operational needs.

    Medium to High Spec Finish

    A medium to high spec finish elevates the workspace with high-end furniture and may extend to include specialised areas like canteens, boardrooms and breakout rooms. This level of specification often requires cosmetic and occasionally structural alterations to the office environment.

    We’re Here to Help

    At Clever Office, we understand that planning an office fit-out or renovation can be a daunting task. Our Office Fit-Out Calculator is just one way we’re here to support you through the process. Whether you’re optimising for a small team or planning a comprehensive refurbishment, our team is dedicated to help you find the best solutions that meet your budget and exceed your expectations. Let us help you transform your office into a space that not only looks great but also enhances the way you work.

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