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While there is no one size fits all approach to fitting out an office, we hope this page will give you a better idea of the costs associated with fitting out an office space and the different variables that influence the cost of a fit out project.

Take 30 seconds to fill out the office fit out cost calculator below to receive an personalised estimate of how much your space will cost.

Office Fit Out Cost Calculator

Fill out the empty fields and then click on ‘Get Office Fit Out Cost Estimate’ below to receive an estimate on how much your office fit out project will cost!

    Lets cover a few of the main variables that can influence the cost of a fit out project.

    Number Of People/Occupancy Space

    The main factor of how much your office fit out project will cost depends on how many people you are catering for and/or the size of the space you are trying to fit out.

    Naturally, the more people you have in an office, the more furniture and equipment you will need.

    What Specification You Need

    Not all office fit out projects are equal, meaning you can get the basics which would cost less, or include all the extras for a premium. This is totally down to personal preferences and your budget.

    Low to Medium Spec Finish

    A low to medium spec finish might include entry level bench desking, storage and ergonomic chairs. This type of project wouldn’t include much (or any) structural or cosmetic work.

    Medium to High Spec Finish

    A medium to high spec finish would be projects that require high end finish and may include canteen furniture, boardroom and breakout room furniture.This project might require some cosmetic and/or structural work to be completed.


    Timeline and when you require the project to be completed may determine the costs.

    AV & ICT Systems

    Technology plays a huge part in the offices of today, which means this should be a consideration for you when planning your space and furniture specification.

    Cosmetic and/or Structural Changes

    Are the changes to your office just cosmetic (decorating, new flooring etc…) or will you need to make structural changes to the existing office? As the latter involves more people and the complexity of the project increases, so will the overall cost of the project.

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