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A Warm Reception

Your reception furniture and welcome space is an opportunity to communicate your company’s ethos, brand and culture to visitors as soon as they enter. Therefore, it is not just space on the way to much more important offices elsewhere. It is the face of a company, and should look its best at all times.

On that note, it is fair to say that a reception area, designed with company values and aesthetics in mind, helps set the tone for what visitors can expect from a company. A company may want to portray an image of innovation and creativity, tradition and elegance, agility and simplicity. A visitor will definitely make assumptions about your company based on your reception furniture, so make sure you’re in control of that message!

Five Tips for a Great Reception Area

Our experience at Clever Office tells us that a great reception is achieved by world class design and high-quality reception furniture, backed up by the five simple points listed below.

Reception Audience

It’s important to know your target market and know what segment from that audience are most likely to visit.

 Quality Furniture

Quality does not mean most expensive. But there is a level that gives the impression a company has the financial ability to support its good taste

Reception Desk

Probably most important is the reception desk. Which is why we always give high priority to investing in a smart, stylish reception desk.

Multi- Functional

A receptionist’s desk is a workspace. It should be modular, allow for a busy work schedule and have a lot of storage space.

 Comfortable & Welcoming Seating

Soft seating or tub chairs work well in reception areas. Investing in tables with power supply for charging devices creates the right impression.

Take Time & Design

Eliminate the guesswork and use 3D tools to design a virtual reception area built to the highest quality on available budget. We use clever software to help us with this process.

At Your Service

Take advantage of a consultation with our design team to see how we can add value to the most important space in your business. We have all of the skills, expertise and a comprehensive range of reception furniture with designs to match your business needs.

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