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Meeting Boardroom Furniture

At Clever Office we can help you design and create a meeting boardroom, with furniture and space that encourages collaboration and communication. In a business world where the only constant has been the need to adapt to constant change, at least one thing has remained constant; people still need to meet! Therefore, it’s unlikely the need for meeting rooms and boardrooms will cease and listed below are three key reasons Clever Office believe they will be with us for a long time to come.

Private & Confidential

It’s hard to make that serious statement to a group in the local coffee shop or hotel lobby. If conference room walls could talk, they wouldn’t. They are designed to keep confidential information and conversations behind closed doors to talk about sensitive business situations such as new strategies, new brand or product launches, press statements, major projects and any other classified information.

Collaboration and Communication

A well-equipped dedicated meeting room is the best place to gather people to work collectively on a business topic. Bringing people together from their individual workspaces physically unites them and ensures everyone concerned has the opportunity to contribute on what is often called “neutral ground.” Meeting rooms can also be used for short sharp training sessions for one to one or one to a few which helps to avoid the cost of renting a room locally.

Make a Great Impression

Just like your reception area, a well designed meeting room tells clients and visitors about your organisation. Starting with the pictures on the wall, smart comfortable seating, elegant desks or a large table, technology and communications, white board marker and wide screen presentations facilities. All of these meeting room assets sends a message about your organisation’s personality, success, attention to detail and relevancy in today’s business world.

At Your Service

There are many more sound business reasons to have a well-equipped meeting room. We would be happy to discuss your needs anytime at your convenience. Our expertise is converting available space into a meeting room where great ideas and conversation are converted into positive actions in a dynamic business space where successful business stories begin.

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