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8 factors to consider when buying office furniture

In any contemporary workplace setting, office furniture plays an important role in the overall ambiance as well as productivity of employees. Most furniture you purchase will be with you for the next 15 to 20 years, so choosing the right office equipment can be a little overwhelming. Whether you’ve signed a new lease, planning a well needed update to your company space or redesigning your home office, creating a workspace that makes you comfortable and suits your needs is key. If you want to make the most of your workspace, here are eight things to consider before purchasing office furniture.


Before purchasing any office furniture, it’s important to get a true sense for your space so you can fill it with the perfect furniture. Workspaces should encourage a focus on the task in hand, and allow employees to feel comfortable in a positive working environment. Function should always come before form so understanding what type of layout your office should take on, whether that be open flow or private cubicles, is essential to performance.

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While it may seem easy to choose cheaper furniture to save money today, this will only cause further stress and expense down the line. Investing in good quality furniture that is functional, durable and comfortable will minimize your long-term cost of ownership. Choosing good quality chairs for example will also help with overall long term health.


Choosing office furniture that is consistent in colour, design, or look throughout the office makes it appear more cohesive. Your office should be a reflection of your brand and your values so a professional and stylish workspace will not only impress your clients, but enhance the overall mood of your office and employees.

Office Acoustics

Office acoustics are essential to creating a pleasant working environment by minimising noise, controlling reverberations, and generally improving the quality of your office. Incorporating movable walls, partitions or even acoustic hubs can help reduce noise and promote a calming office space even in a busy environment.

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Office Desks

Assessing the type of work employees are doing and picking a desk that allows them to do so in the most optimal way possible is the first step is choosing the correct office desk for your business. With a range of options to choose from – straight, corner, wall mounted, or sit-stand – a comfortable set-up to help promote good health and productivity.

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Office Chairs

Those who work 5 days a week will spend about 1,500-2,000 hours sitting throughout a single year in the office. When buying office chairs, the comfort of your employees must be considered. Choosing good quality, ergonomic chairs for your employees can have a significant impact on productivity, health, and happiness. Office chairs should also have features that can be adjusted to the specifications of your employees for the most functionality.

Top tip! The best seated position is not an erect 90 degrees. A reclined posture of 100 to 110 degrees is recommended.

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Office storage is an important thing to consider and should be strategically approached to optimize efficiency and office space. Investing in  functional and well thought out storage options will let you take control of your space and declutter the workspace.

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Deepening on your business needs, it is important to consider privacy when choosing your office furniture. Office screens and partitions are designed to create privacy within office spaces while still preserving a collaborative and communicative business environment. Simply adding a free standing screen to a desk or placing a partition in a strategic location can really help individuals or a group focus on a project or key task in hand .

To sum up, your office environment should be one you enjoy coming to everyday. Investing in quality furniture and fittings will ensure optimal productivity, a collaborative environment  and happy and healthy employees. At Clever Office, we offer a superb range of office furniture as well as expert advice on a design and fit to meet your needs. Looking to outfit your office? Get in touch today.


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