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5 tips for keeping your office a cool place to work this summer

Here in Ireland we’re not often exposed to blazing sunshine and 30 degree heat, but that doesn’t mean our offices don’t get stuffy, hot and uncomfortable to work in. As temperatures rise across the country, selecting the right office supplies for your working environment can help ensure your employees comfort and productivity. If you want to keep the office cool, happy and productive this summer, here are our top five tips!

1. Invest in Cooling Fans

Kitting out the office with cooling fans will help keep the workspace at a comfortable temperature during the fluctuating heat throughout the summer months. For smaller offices, consider small desk fans. They offer multiple cooling settings and the ability to direct airflow wherever you want, without taking up too much office space. For larger spaces, tower fans are slim and elegant, and can offer a much needed refreshing breeze in a stuffy office. Tower fans include several features that improve ease and satisfaction, such as an auto-off timer mode, remote controls, oscillation, and more – perfect for keeping the whole office cool. Shop online!

2. Be Mindful of the Windows

While most people might think that opening the windows can help cool the office down, if the temperature outside is higher than inside, you will only lose the cool air that has accumulated in the office. Try to only open the windows early in the morning or later in the evening when the temperature outside is cooler. When you have air conditioning or cooling fans on, always keep the windows shut.

3. Consider an air purifier for better air quality

Hay fever affects about one in five people in Ireland each year, and generally symptoms are at their worst during the summer months. Symptoms can range from being a mild nuisance to incredibly disruptive to your working day and can be made even worse by the summer heat. Investing in an air purifier for the office will remove office dust, pollen and other particles which will improve the overall air quality. Air purifiers offer relief from the symptoms of hay fever which help maintain productivity and comfort at the office. Shop now.

4. Turn off office appliances

Leaving office appliances like printers and computers on standby can consume nearly as much energy as when they are powered on. This generates unnecessary heat in the office and can significantly contribute to your overall energy bill. When office equipment is not in use, make sure it is switched off to help keep the office cool.

5. Provide access to cold drinks

The best and most effective way to keep cool at the office is to stay hydrated. Make sure that your staff have access to plenty of drinking water, preferably chilled, so they can quickly cool themselves down. Drinking chilled drinks at regular intervals is an effective and easy way to keep cool at work in the summer heat. We would recommend an office mini fridge for the convenience and comfort of your employees. Table Top Refrigerators are designed to fit comfortably onto a desktop or canteen counter, but use space with maximum economy. For larger offices consider an under counter fridge and keep your drinks selection well stocked.

Your office environment should be one that is cool and comfortable to work in during the summer months. Investing in quality office supplies and appliances is essential for the health and happiness of your staff, as well as for preventing a drop in work productivity on hot afternoons. If you’re looking to stock up your office for the summer, check out our new summer essentials shop for all you need to keep cool! Activities such as hiring a bouncy castle are also morale boosters on hot Summer days.

We offer a superb range of office supplies as well as high quality office furniture. With Clever Office you can shop online with free delivery on orders over €65! Or If you’re looking for expert advice on outfitting, redesigning or upgrading your office space, get in touch with us today.


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