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6 Things You May Be Missing for Workplace Safety

Most people do not consider an office to be a major source of workplace injuries and instead think of warehouses or the construction industry. However, this complacent attitude toward workplace safety can put office workers at significantly higher risk than employees in other industries, particularly when it comes to easily preventable injuries. Employee safety is one of the most important issues that businesses should prioritize. That being said, workplace accidents are often an inescapable part of daily life. To help you prevent incidents that could potentially hurt your employees or your business, we’ve put together a list of the six things you may be missing in the office for essential workplace safety.

1. Labels and Signs

Keep your employees and visitors safe with official safety messages, building and fire safety signs around the workplace. Safety signs can assist in the communication of important instructions, reinforce safety messages, and provide instruction for how to deal with emergency situations. To comply with health and safety regulations, make sure to choose clear, professional, and universally recognized signs. Post important signs at the entrances, near the restroom, the fire extinguisher, and the emergency fire exits. The most common causes of accidents at work are slips, trips, or falls so make sure to have wet floor signs on hand, as well as adequately labeling potential hazards like steep steps.

2. First Aid Kit

First aid kits are vital for any office and allow for quick treatment of minor injuries. Make sure to keep your office’s first aid cabinet well stocked with essential items like plasters, bandages, safety pins, dressings, gloves, and wipes. The location of office first aid supplies should be known to all employees for instant retrieval in the event of an accident. Employers should inspect the first aid boxes in the workplace on a regular basis to ensure that they contain the required minimum contents. A checklist is helpful in ensuring that essential items are not forgotten.

3. Ergonomics

A sedentary lifestyle can be a major problem for anyone who works in an office environment and can lead to chronic back pain in some cases. Investing in quality ergonomic chairs, standing desks and other ergonomic equipment is essential for preventing health issues that can arise from sitting all day at work. With a wide range of high-quality office furniture, we can help with planning a safe, comfortable, and functional set-up to help promote good health and productivity of your employees. 

From space planning, furniture selection, and professional fitting services, we can design a safe workplace for you. Check out our full range of services here.

4. PPE

Whether it’s something as small as earplugs or safety google, or something as large as a coverall suit, Personal Protective Equipment is used in a variety of workplaces. Wearing the correct PPE for the job you’re performing is another way to keep you safe from injury and employers will know the exact type of PPE needed for the workplace. Due to Covid-19, it is wise to keep a clean and fresh supply of PPE in the office such as face masks and gloves, as well as adequate hand sanitization stations so your employees can feel safe at work.

5. Fire Safety Essentials

Fire safety equipment is crucial for a safe and well-prepared work environment. The safest way to deal with fire is to prevent it. A robust emergency fire alarm should be in place in any workplace or office. They are essential for altering employees, customers, or visitors in the event of an emergency and should be tested weekly. If a fire is spreading quickly, a fire extinguisher is the best piece of safety equipment to put it out and save lives, which is why every workplace should have plenty of them. To avoid any confusion in the event of an emergency, at Clever Office we stock a range of fire safety signs, equipment, and extinguishers that are universally recognizable. Having adequate fire safety equipment at the office will offer peace of mind and is essential for workplace safety

6. Educated Employees

It is critical to remember that it’s not enough to simply provide and store safety equipment at the office. It is very important that every employee on your team is informed on safety procedures and trained on how to properly and effectively use safety equipment. Monthly emails can help keep workers up to date as well as face-to-face check-ins and engaging employee training sessions should be standard practice when it comes to your workplace’s safety. 

To avoid accidents at the workplace, employers have to take a proactive approach to workplace safety. Following these tips will ensure your workplace has all the essential safety equipment to keep your workers safe in the office. At Clever Office, we provide the necessary supplies at store.cleveroffice.ie with free delivery nationwide on orders over €60. If you need help with getting your workplace health and safety equipment up to standard, get in touch today!

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