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Why an Office Fit Out is so Important

A good office fit out is even more important today than it ever has been. The need to have an attractive and useful space for employees to work and socialise has been highlighted as a big factor when it comes to the success or failure of a workforce. Why do you think this is?


meeting room fit out

There are a number of reasons why this is :

A good employee experience

A good employee experience has a knock on positive effect on talent attraction and retention. Employees are increasingly looking at these factors when choosing employment opportunities. A good office fit out will lead to a good employee experience. This makes a company more attractive to employees and makes it easier to retain the best talent. It also makes it easier to attract new talent. According to the future workplace report, 78% of Gen Zs believe that being in the office is good for their learning and development. The report found that being at the workplace is viewed positively so long as companies provide the “right” environment to support productivity. 

Employees who are happier at work are more engaged

Having a good office environment shows employees that they are valued and appreciated. Employees who feel appreciated are more loyal to their employer and are far more productive than employees who aren’t. In research completed by Gallup, it was shown that engaged teams are 23% more profitable than disengaged teams. It might seem oversimplified but, a good office fit out will lead to a more productive workforce and in the end it could be the difference between a successful business or an unsuccessful one. 


Attracting top talent

There is a need for companies to show a genuine commitment to the issues that matter to their employees. The main issues which appear consistently when researching this topic are sustainability( which I will do an article about very soon), well-being, technology, diversity and the overall employee experience. It is very important that businesses understand their workforce and what they are looking for from the office environment. This will help them to both attract and retain the best talent available.

Meeting room furniture

On top of all of this there is now even more reason for businesses to have a good office fit out

More and more businesses are trying to attract their employees back to the office. There is now even more need to have attractive work spaces so that employees feel that there is a reason to come to the office. The phrase “earn the commute” is often used by companies and employees because there is now a great awareness that there has to be a good reason to be in the office.
Having a well laid out and comfortable office leads to a more productive and creative workplace. This increased productivity means that a company can justify requiring their staff to be in the office. A lot of the bigger businesses like Meta/Google/Amazon have already switched back to office based working. 64% of business leaders globally believe that there will be a full return to in office working by 2026, according to the KPMG CEO Outlook survey. If this is the case, then having an office which is well laid out and attractive to employees could be what sets your company apart.


Fortunately, we are office fit out specialists. We would be delighted to hear from you for a no obligation consultation. We would love to work with you for your next office fit out or refurbishment. Check out our office fit out page and get in contact. Thanks!!

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