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Top 10 Products for Your Ergonomic Office Setup from Clever Office

Creating an ergonomic office environment is key to maintaining productivity and comfort throughout your workday. Whether you’re outfitting a home office or upgrading your workspace, Clever Office has everything you need. Here’s our guide to the 10 best ergonomic office products that promise to enhance your working experience.

1. Ergonomic Office Chair

An essential for any office, our ergonomic chairs provide adjustable settings to support your posture, reduce back strain and increase comfort during long hours of sitting. Choose from a variety of models including the stylish Shelby Grey Mesh Back Operator Chair, the executive  Franklin High Back Chair, or the sophisticated Curva High Back Mesh Chair for ultimate comfort and support.

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2. Sit-Stand Desk

Ideal for those who have the space, a sit-stand desk like the Axel Standing Desk allows you to alternate between sitting and standing without interrupting your workflow. This flexibility helps reduce the health risks associated with prolonged sitting.

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3. Desk Converter

Not ready to commit to a full sit-stand desk? A desk converter, such as the Leap Xtend Converter, is a perfect solution. Easily adjustable, it promotes better posture and ergonomics atop your existing desk.

4. Footrest

Enhance your sitting posture and comfort by incorporating a footrest under your desk. Products like the Kensington Solemate help maintain better seating alignment and reduce strain on your legs and back.

5. Chair Mat for Carpet Flooring

Protect your carpet and allow your office chair to move smoothly with a durable chair mat, such as the ClearTex Chair Mat, specifically designed for carpeted floors.

6. Mouse Mat with Wrist Rest

A mouse mat with an integrated wrist rest, like the Contour Ergonomics Memory Foam Mouse Pad, supports your wrist while you use your mouse, reducing the risk of strain and injury.

7. Cable Tidy Solutions

Keep your desk free from the mess of tangled cables with our effective cable tidy solutions. Options like the D-Line Cable Tidy Spiral Wrap help organise and route your cables neatly.

8. Laptop Riser

If you primarily use a laptop, a laptop riser, such as the Leitz Ergo Adjustable Multi-Angle Laptop Stand, is an indispensable tool. It elevates your screen to eye level, preventing neck strain.

9. Monitor Arm (Single or Dual)

For those using external monitors, a single or dual monitor arm like the (replace https://store.cleveroffice.ie/luna-double-flat-screen-monitor-arm-black–1) Kensington SmartFit Ergo Dual Monitor Arm allows you to adjust your monitors to the perfect height and angle, enhancing your viewing comfort.

10. Keyboard and Mouse Set

Complete your ergonomic setup with a keyboard and mouse set designed for comfort and efficiency, such as the Logitech MK330 Wireless Combo (change sell to 149)or the Trust GXT 838 Azor Gaming Set.(sell 89)

At Clever Office, we understand the importance of a comfortable and efficient office setup. With these top 10 ergonomic products, you’re not just investing in office furniture or accessories, you’re investing in your health, comfort and productivity. Visit us online to shop through more

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