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How To Un-Jam A Shredder

Despite us living in a tech-centric world, offices still depend on paper usage and therefore there will always be documents that needs to be disposed of securely. The most convenient and secure way of doing this is by using a shredder. However, anyone that uses a shredder will tell you, they are not without their own faults. No matter how efficient shredders are, they are prone to paper jams every now and then, which calls for you to unjam them. In this blog post, we’ll discuss a few different ways you can unjam your shredder, and also cover some of the reasons why it happens so it can be prevented. 

Why Shredders Jam

Before learning how to unjam a shredder, it’s important to understand why it’s happening, which will help you prevent it happening again. Here are a few reasons (of many) why shredders jam:


When too much paper is fed into the shredder at once, this can cause a jam. You can prevent this by knowing the sheet capacity of your shredder. Also, some printers come with advanced jam prevention that can sense when too much paper is inserted into the machine. 

Not Oiling The Shredder Enough 

If a shredder doesn’t have enough oil, the shredder might struggle to shred them. Lubricating your shredder will help prevent jams and allow the paper to run smoothly through. 


How To Unjam A Shredder

Unplug The Shredder

Firstly, unplug the shredder off. The last thing you want when fiddling around with the shredder is for the shredder to turn on. This could lead to a nasty injury so it’s very important that it is plugged out. It’s also a good idea, if possible, to use an object to try and prod the jam, rather than using your hands. 

Empty The Shredder

Shredders can jam if the bin is too full. Empty the bin and try again. 

Switch To Reverse

If that doesn’t work, try running the shredder in reverse. This might solve the issue, however there is a small risk that it might make the problem worse – so beware. 

If It’s Still Jammed, Switch Back To Forward

If it’s jammed in both directions, switch it back to forwards again. Alternating between forwards and reverse can oftentimes shift the jam after a few attempts!

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