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How To Create The Ultimate Workspace

An ultimate workspace needs hubs, focus rooms, booths and break out areas.

Employees are now encouraged to change their working locations and postures throughout the day at the sit-stand desks, in the huddle spaces, the booth seating and the standing-up meeting spaces. A break out area describes any space open to employees or visitors that is separate from their usual working area. Giving employees a break from a computer screen also complies with health and safety laws which require staff to take frequent breaks from their work stations when computers are being used.

How to create an efficient break out area

To create an ultimate workspace there are 2 different priorities.

You need to have a wellness plan, followed by a plan to change the way of where and when people work.

An office break out area doesn’t need to be fancy or big. If a separate room isn’t available to the company, just screen off part of your existing office and add some comfortable chairs and tables to allow employees a break away from their desk. A break out area can have a number of functions such as a place for employees to relax, eat their lunch and even hold informal meetings. Take inspiration from world-leaders in fun, modern office design such as Google, Microsoft and Amazon who take break out areas to a new level with innovative design, quirky themes and interesting furniture

What kind of furniture to choose?

There are many type of office tables, chairs, sofas, booths and soft furnishings available to provide the ultimate break out area for your employees.

Clever Office can provide you with many different choices for every budget.

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