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5 benefits of acoustic furniture in the office

While folks are working from home, now is the perfect time to reconsider what the office will look like when everyone returns. Acoustic office furniture is the perfect solution for creating a peaceful work environment so staff can get that work-from-home focus while in the office, and making space for social distancing without the clinical feeling of Perspex screens. Check out the top five benefits of investing in office acoustics!

Reduce distraction & noise

A busy office space comes with a lot of noise. Phone calls and meetings, the kettle boiling, general chatter and the sound of people tapping away at their keyboards – especially in an open-plan office, this noise can be very disruptive and distracting. Acoustic office furniture, which comes in the form of ceiling tiles, wall mounts, to free-standing furniture, can greatly reduce disruptive noise and create a more peaceful, calming office environment.

Segment Office Spaces

Free-standing acoustic furniture not only reduces sound, but can help delineate office spaces and create more privacy, as well as separating desks and break-out areas to allow for distancing. Acoustic keys, for example, can be put up between desking space and meeting spaces to separate spaces and reduce the sound flow between spaces. Free-standing acoustic furniture is an easy way of breaking up an open-space office, making spaces more workable, especially as the world continues to grapple with the effects of Covid-19.

Create private meeting spaces

If your office does not have a designated private meeting space, an acoustic hub may be the perfect solution. They function as a room within a room, and are completely sound-private. Use them as a conference room, conduct personal 1:1 meetings, or interviews in total privacy. 

Reconfigure the office without renovating

An open-plan office is great in theory, but sometimes having designated spaces for different tasks can help differentiate and boost productivity. Instead of building dedicated meeting spaces and break-out spaces, acoustic office furniture functions as both a partition between spaces and a sound-proofing mechanism to create sound and visual privacy. 

Add colour and dimension

Maybe ‘acoustic furniture’ doesn’t bring to mind images of bright, fun workspaces – but our acoustic furniture provides just that! Our acoustic range is designed to not only elevate the acoustics of your office but the look and feel of it too, with fun designs and pops of colour. 

 Acoustics can also be used in shops, restaurants and other spaces where noise can be a distraction. If you’re interested in learning more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our team will be happy to help! 

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