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A Fast Efficient Process

We are leading specialists in office fit outs and pride ourselves on our attention to detail. Our highly experienced in house team create bespoke 3D office design and drawings to optimise efficiency and turnaround times in office layouts.

Real Time Design

3D rendering is a process that allows us to showcase a 3D model of your office design from a 2D illustration. This allows us to work closely with you in real time to tweak or add new office design elements in a compelling and flexible format. On a practical level, 3D rendering allows you to see your office design in real-time in order to identify problem areas or make necessary adjustments.

Benefits of 3D Rendering and Drawing

Our 3D rendering process speeds up project turnaround times with the added benefit of better communication between us at all points in the project design phase. In addition, 3D rendering is highly accurate and creates a picture of your office design that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical.
Designs may be changed in real-time, meaning that you can adjust elements while in a meeting or on-line , for example if a desk needs to move, is not the right size or there is more space required in a certain area, we don’t have to go back to the drawing board. This allows for a collaborative environment with open lines of communication, inevitably leading to an office design that is confirmed and signed off with confidence in the end result.

At Your Service

We take pride in our attention to detail when using 3D Rendering and Drawing to ensure you will have the best office set-up and in doing so, create a modern, vibrant and efficient office that is high on creativity and focused on productivity.

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