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Meeting & Exceeding Your Expectations

Now that we have worked in partnership with you to create your new workplace strategy it is time for us to ensure that our management of the new office design fit-out meets and exceeds your expectations. A key element of our success in managing these important installations is the fact that from project concept you will have worked with a single point of contact who takes responsibility for every step in the final delivery of your project.

Project Management

A major project may look overwhelming however, your dedicated Clever Office project manager develops and follows a detailed, customised project checklist which includes these services and whatever other need may arise.

Coordination with subcontractors
Timeline development
Site conditions assessment
Electrical/data access point verification and coordination
Product manufacturing tracking and coordination
Pre-installation site inspection
Delivery and installation access mapping
Building management coordination
On-site delivery and installation supervision and coordination
Issue resolution
Go Live
Close the Project

Furniture Setup

We take great care in the setup of your workspaces. We have successfully installed just about every kind of office set-up available. If you can order it, we can deliver and install it!  We do it quickly and carefully. We’re highly skilled in configuring modular systems to suit our clients’ needs. We simplify the office relocation or new office design installation process for our clients.

Sign Off

Our project manager will look for sign off from your team on every installation and then final sign off from whoever has overall responsibility. This is a deliberative process as we understand that we have responsibility to ensure people understand what they are saying yes to and that it works.

Post Sign Off Service

Now that we have worked with you in creating the vision of your workplace it is our practice to work closely with you and your team. We are available at short notice to ensure that in the initial period, post-installation we are ready willing and able to provide prompt routine service while also ensuring that any unforeseen events are managed and completed quickly.

Warranty Management

As the specifics of warranties can often be complicated, we undertake to explain these in detail and then if there is a need to use a particular warranty for any reason we commit to working with you.

At Your Service

We see the delivery and installation as the continuation of our business partnership where we work with you to ensure your needs are met.

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