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You may need our turnkey solutions in one of the following situations:

⦁ Business is expanding and new office space is being developed in a new location.
⦁ Changing address of your current business and need office design services.
⦁ You could be landlord or developer with tenant specific needs.

If the answer is yes to any of these scenarios you can easily avoid the pain and strain of organising office design, equipment and support. A turnkey office design and fit out from Clever Office delivers everything you need. We create a fully functioning office set-up from zero to ready to go when you need it.

Taking advantage of our turnkey service is a choice a lot of businesses are glad they made. It allowed them get on with running their own business while we became their “one stop shop” which meant one trustworthy point of contact for all their office needs . The advantages of this are many and the more practical of these include the following.

⦁ All office services provided by one supplier.
⦁ One point of contact for all enquiries and invoicing.
⦁ Consistency of service & quality of work.
⦁ Fast turnaround on all tasks.
⦁ Opportunity to build trust and confidence.
⦁ Allows a business to focus on its own business and continue to drive revenue without disruption.
⦁ Lower total overall cost and better use of time.
⦁ New business set up and running in a fraction of the time

At Your Service

At Clever Office, we provide a comprehensive turnkey office design and fit out service to business owners, commercials, landlords and developers.

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