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AIM Centre: A Space for Creativity and Growth

Clever Office is proud to have teamed up with the AIM Centre on their new office project in Sligo. AIM is a catalyst for technological advancement in manufacturing and supply chain processes, bolstering companies in Ireland’s northwest to enhance competitiveness, productivity and regional economic growth.


The challenge was a big one: to put together a workspace that was flexible enough for all sorts of teams and activities, encouraged teaming up, reflected AIM’s innovative spirit and still stuck to a tight budget.


After getting into all the details and looking over the space, we designed a solution that hit all these goals, focusing on innovation and teamwork. Our design incorporates the latest trends in office aesthetics: a minimalist and clean look enriched with biophilic elements to boost mental well-being. It features dynamic, adaptable areas ranging from a spacious boardroom to soundproof acoustic booths, ensuring comfort for all. Additionally, the inclusion of a canteen, breakout rooms for casual interactions and a convenient kitchenette, foster a collaborative and inviting atmosphere.


Julie Dowling, the AIM Director, shared her appreciation for our work, stating, “From the moment we began our partnership, Clever Office impressed us with their approach. They offered competitive pricing and a vast array of options, which was perfect because we were aiming for a design that was both unique and sophisticated for our innovation centre.

Colin understood our vision perfectly from the very beginning. Despite our numerous additional requests along the way, he never showed any sign of frustration. His patience and the exceptional effort from the entire team stood out. Their dedication resulted in the creation of a space that is not only vibrant and modern but also uniquely ours. It’s an environment that sparks creativity and feels exactly like the kind of place where you’d love to work and spend time. The blend of uniqueness and sophistication we were looking for has been achieved perfectly, making the AIM centre a beacon of creativity and a testament to the outstanding service provided by Clever Office

Clever Office takes pride in supporting Irish businesses’ growth and innovation. If you’re looking to transform your office into a productivity-enhancing space, reach out to us.

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