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Interactive Displays

According to various research and anecdotal evidence people have a much shorter attention span since mobile technology arrived. Which is why interactive displays have found a real niche. They are the opportunity to increase that span of attention when presenting information, ideas, business plans or lesson. Content from websites, apps, images, your own files and videos can be used and interchanged during a presentation while interacting, collaborating and keeping energy levels high throughout .

Winning with Interactive Displays

At Clever Office, our experience is that interactive displays have high impact andadd great value in the following display situations.

  • Grabs attention in business presentations.
  • Can go anywhere a presentation or display is needed
  • Enhances audience experience and maintains their attention
  • Provides helpful information in an engaging helpful flexible format and facilitates touch screen interaction
  • Business presenters, teachers and lecturers get access to an impressive array of technology tools.
  • Allows interaction with attendees at a business meeting, class or lecture.
  • Connectivity with other devices is enabled allowing users to add media from their desks or home.
  • Enables group work and collaboration on projects or strategies, assignments


It’s not surprising that interactive displays are one of the most popular presentation and display solutions available. They combine significant functionality and a broad range of interactive presentation tools that both educators and business managers can put to excellent use whenever they need to present, engage and hold their audience’s attention.

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