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Digital Dictation

Dictation conjures up images of dusty tape recorders, microphones and poor sound quality which is hard to hear. However, the good news is that dictation has evolved and for many has become the essential solution for effective, efficient note taking.
Over the last 45 years, Clever Office has seen dictation devices develop from humble battery operated, low functionality to devices that provide exceptional voice capture, intuitive control, and superior security in an ultra-durable user friendly design within a strong durable body.
During that time we have built a reputation as a preferred provider of digital dictation solutions to doctors, solicitors, business professionals, researchers and interviewers. We know that for our users, time is scarce, and they need a recording solution that makes the best use of their valuable time. Which is why our dictation solutions are built to deliver increased efficiency, quality recordings, streamlined operations and impressive cost savings.

Digital Dictation Advantages

In our experience, some of the key benefits of using Digital Dictation equipment are as follows:

⦁ Superior accuracy while you record and edit with ease
⦁ Charge and transfer simply
⦁ Durable and secure
⦁ Digital quality of voice recording
⦁ Digital portables are lightweight and have much larger recording capacity
⦁ High compression rates allowing playback through a number of formats DSS/WAV/MP3/MP4
⦁ Ability to email dictation to any location from any location complete with a digital date stamp
⦁ Low cost consumables and no tapes

At Your Service with Olympus

Clever Office have partnered with Olympus, who are considered the top provider of digital dictation systems in the world. Therefore if you would like to give efficiency a lift as you work, call us to see how we can help you find a great solution we are confident will meet and exceed your dictation needs.


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