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Benefits of standing up at work for your employees


Increasingly, offices are adopting sit-stand desks to address the health risks associated with prolonged sitting. Research from the British Medical Journal highlights the connection between sedentary behavior and heightened risks of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain cancers. With office workers spending 70-85% of their time seated, the need for more dynamic workstations has never been clearer.

A notable study involving 146 employees at the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust tested the SMART intervention, providing participants with height-adjustable workstations. The results, measured over a 12-month period, showed significant benefits in reducing sedentary time, improving mood, and enhancing overall health and performance.

Denmark has led the way by legally requiring sit-stand desks in offices since 2015, granting 80% of its workforce access to more flexible working conditions. This move, supported by health professionals, aims to mitigate the ‘horrendous’ health implications of a sedentary lifestyle, emphasizing that the damage from prolonged sitting cannot be offset by exercise alone.

For businesses concerned about employee health and productivity, sit-stand desks offer a proven solution.

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Concerned about your employee’s health and well-being?

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