Sligo Supply Centre has rebranded to Clever Office

Sligo Supply Centre has rebranded to Clever Office

Sligo Supply Centre has become Clever Office to reflect our business growth and dedication to the creation of efficient, stylish workplaces and the delivery of quality stationery at the best prices.

Our loyal customers are in no doubt that we’ve earned our new ‘clever’ title over four decades of providing innovative office space solutions and the latest in office stationery trends.

Over the last 42 years Sligo Supply Centre has gained a sterling reputation as the go-to suppliers of office stationery, equipment and furniture in the North West of Ireland. Our clever approach to provide the right office solutions is well known from Sligo to Donegal to Mayo and beyond.

As our reputation blossomed so did the catchment area we operate in and that growth factor has had a big part to play in our decision to rebrand as Clever Office

We have been employing our clever-thinking approach to office supplies throughout Ireland for a number of years and our new name reflects the expansion of the company.

Sligo Supply Centre may have rebranded but the core values of the company remain stronger than ever in Clever Office, because your office is our business.

Our office phone numbers and addresses will remain the same.

Our consistently superb customer service, unerring loyalty to suppliers, dedication to innovation and commitment to providing the right office solutions remain right at the heart of the company.

We’re still the best at what we do – we’re just doing it on a bigger scale and with a new name to suit.