Sit stand desks for existing office space

The team at Clever Office recommend the use of sit stand desks to help you maximise the use of existing office space and reduce potential health problems. This will also help create bright and  efficient working offices.

Read our blog below for information on sit stand desks and office design to maximise space.

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Office-fit outs

The goal is to design a space that fits your staff’s requirements and your budget as a well designed workplace not only looks great but will also help increase staff productivity enabling them to work to their full potential.

Sit/Stand Desks

Research shows that the impact of sitting for hours at a time can be associated with a range of health problems, from obesity and diabetes to back pain. Poor posture, from sitting incorrectly at a desk for hours on end, also contributes to back pain and cases of repetitive strain injury. The solution is to successfully incorporate standing, pacing and other forms of activity into the work day.

height adjustment on office furniture

Simple changes, such as walking to a colleague’s office rather than emailing or taking the stairs rather than the lift, can improve your health and work life. This is why alternating between standing at your desk and sitting can help reduce fatigue, back issues and improve mental awareness.

office furniture to max space

We have a range of ergonomic, height-adjustable desks, complete with electrical height adjustment mechanisms.  ‘Leap’ is a reliable, office range and their products can be adjusted in height quickly and easily to allow you to work comfortably whether you are sitting or standing.

 Read article in Irish Times by Justin Comiskey on how his back pain disappeared when he switched to a stand up desk.

Sit/Stand Workstations

The ‘Lotus’ workstation provides a sit/stand solution for your existing desk space. It’s Smooth Lift Technology helps to keep your workstation stable while effortlessly changing between heights. It features 22 different settings so the height can be adjusted to suit you. The cord management system allows the entire work space to move freely and safely with you.

Lotus White Workstation

Watch video on Lotus Sit Stand Workstation

The Extend Sit/Stand Workstation transforms any fixed height desk into an active one. The clamp allows it to be attached to the back edge of any work surface. The articulating arm and cable management system provides an all-round range of motion. The screen attachments have three vertical adjustment settings along with horizontal and vertical tilting of the screen.

Extend Sit/Stand Workstation screens

Humanscale’s Float Height-Adjustable Table