Protect On-Screen Information With Privacy Screens

Help protect sensitive, confidential, and private information on your computer or laptop screen from visual hackers with our wide range of 3M Privacy Filters for laptops and netbooks. These filters are the perfect fit for people who want to keep their private data out of sight.

The 3M privacy screen filters share the same patented microlouver technology used in 3M Frameless LCD and Framed LCD Filters, these block the view of curious onlookers without diminishing yours, enabling you to enjoy piece of mind using your device in busy areas.

privacy office screens

Easy to use

The easy-on, easy-off 3M Privacy Filters are the most convenient way to create a barrier between your fragile LCD screen and scratches and scruffs. The incredible 3M Micro-louvre technology makes on-screen data visible only when you are directly in front of screen. This helps you feel secure knowing that your confidential information is not being overlooked.

The filters reduce any glare and help prevent headaches and eye strain that is commonly related to monitor use. The screens are easy to remove to allow screen sharing when privacy is not needed.

Privacy Screen Range

At Clever office we stock a wide range of filters for your screens to suit your needs, below you will see a few examples of what we have available.

privacy screens