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Sit Stand Desks

Sit Stand Desks

Sit stand desks are becoming an increasingly popular choice in offices throughout Ireland, not only do they maximise the use of existing office space they also help reduce potential health problems.

Here at Clever Office we have a wide range of height-adjustable desks that come with electrical height adjustment mechanisms.

See some examples of our sit stand adjustable desks below.

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QuickStand Lite Sit-Stand Workstation

You can transform any fixed height desk into an active working desk with the QuickStand LiteWorkstation featuring Humanscale Technology. An articulating arm and innovative cable management system provides an all-round range of motion, this is ideal for collaborative working. The clamp allows easy and quick attachment to the back edge of any work surface.

The Lotus Sit Stand Workstation

This office workstation is a popular choice as it provides a sit/stand solution for your existing desk. The smooth lift technology helps keep the workstation stable while adjusting the heights. The Lotus Workstation features 22 different settings so the height can be adjusted to exactly how you want it using smooth lift technology and 17” of vertical adjustment.


What is a sit stand desk?2018-04-09T09:13:28+01:00

A sit stand desk looks like your normal desk but it has a mechanism (either manual or electrical) which allows the desk to be moved up and down depending on your requirements and your height. It means you can change your working position throughout the day. If your work involves sitting for long periods of time you are hurting your body. Some known benefits are increased energy and focus, higher concentration levels and fewer headaches. Your body needs variation and movement to be healthy.

Why should I have one?2018-04-09T09:11:54+01:00

Balanced movement is the key to wellness at work. Switching between sitting and standing throughout the day is good for energy, productivity and your overall health.

Which desk is better for me?2018-04-09T09:06:23+01:00

We recommend that you contact our experienced staff and they will recommend which desk suits your requirements.

What are the differences between manual and electric sit stand desks?2018-04-09T09:00:24+01:00

The manual desk moves by pressing a lever underneath it and you can move the top up and down in order to adjust it to whatever position suits you. The electric desk moves by the press of a button, this can be an advantage if you have a bad back and the jerking movement of the manual desk could jerk it.

Who are they suitable for?2018-04-09T09:00:07+01:00

Sit stand desks are suitable for anyone who uses a desk for work for a prolonged period of time.  They are recommended for people that have problems with their back but generally they are suitable for everyone who wants to adopt a healthier lifestyle while at work.

Anti Fatigue Mats

We are all aware of the harmful effects of sitting all day however, individuals who spend the most part of their day standing are also at risk for a number of health issues including, lower back pain, circulatory problems, heart issues, and general muscular fatigue. Standing desks encourage you to move around while you work however, you should keep your feet comfortable while you are standing for long periods of time. This is why we would suggest that you use an anti-fatigue mat with your desk.

These popular anti fatigue floor mats can work wonders for your back, feet, legs and joints, they reduce the discomfort and allow you to stand for longer periods of time and are much more comfortable than standing on a concrete floor or carpet.

At Clever Office we offer a great range of anti fatigue mats for standing desks at great prices, you can view our range below.

anti fatigue floor mat

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