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Sit Stand Desks

sit stand desks ireland

Sit stand desks are becoming an increasingly popular choice in offices throughout Ireland, not only do they maximise the use of existing office space they also help reduce potential health problems.

Here at Clever Office we have a wide range of height-adjustable office desks that come with electrical height adjustment mechanisms.

See some examples of our sit stand adjustable desks below.

The Lotus Sit Stand Workstation

sit stand adjustable desk

This office workstation is a popular choice as it provides a sit/stand solution for your existing desk. The smooth lift technology helps keep the workstation stable while adjusting the heights. The Lotus Workstation features 22 different settings so the height can be adjusted to exactly how you want it.

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Fellowes Extend Sit-Stand Workstation

Fellowes Extend Sit-Stand Workstation
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You can transform any fixed height desk into an active working desk with the Fellowes Extend Sit-Stand Workstation featuring Humanscale Technology. A premium-tier articulating arm and innovative cable management system provides an all-round range of motion, this is ideal for collaborative working. The clamp allows easy and quick attachment to the back edge of any work surface, the monitor screen attachments offer 3 vertical adjustment settings plus horizontal and vertical tilting of the screen.

Contour Ergonomics sit stand workstation

Contour Ergonomics sit stand workstation

The Contour Ergonomics sit stand workstation is designed for use with laptops or PCs, this workstation comprises a monitor/laptop platform, desk clamp and keyboard tray. This allows the user to work in either a standing or seated position to help alleviate the health risks associated with sitting for long periods of time.

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