Managed Print Services

managed print services

Do you want to reduce costs within your business while also increasing productivity?

If so, then Managed Print Services is for you!

MPS is a programme that allows you to buy or lease your printers and then pay for the supplies on a ‘per click’ basis – you only pay for what you use.

The team at Clever Office will work with you to identify your requirements and devise the optimum solution to enable you to save money, time and resources.

You will have access to a simple web portal where you can monitor usage, order supplies and request a service.

Benefits of MPS 

  • Easy – The web portal is your one point of contact which allows you to order new supplies, make a service request and has complete visibility of costs and usage.
  • Economic – MPS promotes the economical use of paper while also eliminating the cost of holding spare supplies of toner, cartridges, etc. Service and support costs are also reduced as we provide free servicing and parts for 3 years or 5 years, depending on your contract.
  • Tailor-made – We work with you to assess your printing needs and discuss how your business can optimise your document output while saving money and time. Your tailored package will cover the purchase of hardware, installation, training and service.
  • Predictable – Regular billing enables you to easily manage costs and as toner is charged ‘per click’, you are only billed for what you actually use.
  • Productivity – MPS enables you to boost productivity among your employees, as staff will always be able to print whatever they need. MPS can also expand with your requirements as your productivity increases.

MPS can be installed on a variety of printers, whether you prefer a Brother, Samsung or Toshiba, Clever Office will cater to your needs.

Implementing MPS hosts a number of benefits for your business and your staff while offering you increased control and security over your print infrastructure.  We here, at Clever Office  provide an assessment which results in a tailored recommendation that suits you and your business needs with minimum stress and hassle! Contact us today to speak about how MPS can benefit your business or email us at  for more information.