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Interactive Whiteboards & LCD Panels

Interactive whiteboards (also known as Smart Boards) are becoming more and more popular and are well established in colleges, schools, and boardrooms throughout Ireland. This interactive technology is being used as a replacement for media/video systems and the traditional whiteboard.

Clever Office has been installing interactive whiteboards throughout Ireland for over 4 years. We offer a great range of interactive products including, glass boards, projectors and projector lamps and bulbs. You can see some examples below of the range of whiteboards we have to offer.

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 Interactive whiteboards in the classroom

This innovative technology enables teachers to structure their lessons much easier, increase the level of classroom engagement along with making the learning process more fun. Anything that can be created on a computer monitor can be replicated on the interactive whiteboard.

This smart board allows the classroom computer to become a shared resource rather than having the pupils crowding around a small screen. The interactive whiteboard allows pupils to save ideas and concepts discussed in the lesson so they can easily refresh their knowledge.


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Projectors & Projector Lamps & Bulbs

Clever Office offer a range of projectors and projector lamps from leading manufacturers to suit all budgets. There is 100’s of different types which is why we recommend you contact us with your model details for us to provide the best price for you.

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Projector & Bulbs Enquiry

For further information about our range of projectors and bulbs give us a call on +353 71 91 452 57 or fill the contact form below.

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