Home Office Desks for your Workspace

Choosing the right office desk for your workspace can be a challenge especially when you are trying to get a balance between functional and modern for your home office. To help you out we have rounded up two of our favourite modern home office desks.

Amazon Home Office Workstation

The Amazon workstation with an integrated drawer and cupboard unit-oak effect, is the perfect addition to your home office. This compact home office desk has a 25mm thick desktop and panel end leg design and modesty panel.

The integrated drawer and cupboard can be used to house the CPU or peripherals. This workstation is designed to maximise the space in any room along with being great value for money.

The Amazon home office desk comes with a one year warranty.

luxor home office desk
Buy Now €199 exl VAT
luxor workstation home office desk
Buy Now €199 exl VAT

Luxor Home Office Workstation

The Luxor home office workstation has made it into our top two due to its sleek, modern, contemporary design. This practical and stylish workstation is ideal for a home study or home office.

The Luxor has a 40mm thick desktop and is finished with curvaceous edges, a sleek panel-end leg design and modesty panel. The pull out drawer can easily be used as a keyboard tray or for storage to keep all your stationery and important documents close at hand.

This is an affordable modern office desk that combines style and flexibility along with being great value for money.

The Luxor home office desk comes with a one year warranty.

Things to consider before buying a home office desk

Before you buy a home office desk there are a few things to consider such as, how will you use the desk, will you need a phone on the desk?. Will you need somewhere to store your files?, will you be spending most of your time working on the computer?

If the answer is yes to the majority of these questions, you will need a desk that has a decent amount of workspace.

Shape & sizes

In terms of shapes and sizes the standard office desk is rectangular, this design should fit in any room. A corner or L-shaped desk may work best if your workspace in a corner. U-shaped office desks are ideal if you have a large room, U-shaped desks also provide lots of workspace and storage space.

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