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Create The Right Office Environment

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Creating The Perfect Office Workspace Environment

The perfect office environment will mean different things to different people. We want to concentrate on some of the physical aspects that can create the right workspace environment from noise and lighting levels right down to how you should sit at your desk!

Offices like Google appear to be an employees dream. Sure, everyone would love a free cafeteria, a games room and bean bags however Google is the exception rather than rule. You can use much simpler techniques that are relatively inexpensive to create a great working environment

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The acoustics of a room can alter the behaviour of the people in it. Why?

Well, noise can cause people to become irritated and as a consequence less obliging, while silence can be daunting and cause people to hold back from some jobs, such as having a telephone conversation. Something as simple as a partition height changes the atmosphere of your office.

Research shows that the presence of office plants has a range of benefits including helping workers recover from demanding activities and lowering stress levels. As a bonus, plants can reduce office pollution levels.

As you will be seated for a large portion of the day it is recommended that your seating arrangements aid your comfort and thus your productivity.

Follow this simple guide on how to sit at your desk.

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