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Creating The Perfect Home Office

Are you working from home and settling into a new home office? This post contains a few tips and tricks for creating a comfortable (& productive) home office set up! During the pandemic, many people were forced to set up…

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How To Un-Jam A Shredder

Despite us living in a tech-centric world, offices still depend on paper usage and therefore there will always be documents that needs to be disposed of securely. The most convenient and secure way of doing this is by using a…

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Benefits Of Ergonomic Office Chairs

Choosing an office chair is a very important decision, especially for those who sit for the majority of the day. If a person works 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week, that’s around 2000 hours over the course of…

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Considerations When Planning A Reception Area

First impressions are important and with the reception area being the front window to your business, it should be attractive, yet functional. Practical design and space planning plays an important role when it comes to designing your reception area. In…

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Saving Costs In The Office

Cutting costs can help almost every business, perhaps now more than ever with rising costs across the board. Take a look at our money-saving tips for offices below.  Generic vs Manufacturer Ink  Have you ever thought about getting generic ink…

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Things To Consider When Buying A Shredder

A common occurrence when buying a shredder is purchasing one that doesn’t fully meet your needs. From experience, buyers tend to underestimate the number of pages they shred and how often the shredder is actually used. Below are a few…

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6 Things You May Be Missing for Workplace Safety

Most people do not consider an office to be a major source of workplace injuries and instead think of warehouses or the construction industry. However, this complacent attitude toward workplace safety can put office workers at significantly higher risk than…

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