Best Office Chairs For Posture

Each day on average we spend at least eight hours a day sitting in an office chair, so choosing a comfortable well designed chair is essential for improving your posture and keeping neck and back pain at bay.

Clever Office have listed our top three favourite posture chairs which you will see below.

freedom posture chair

1.Freedom From Human Scale

The Freedom chair has been described by The New York Timesas the gold standard in office seating”. This chair was designed to automatically adapt to the user and to move comfortably and freely from posture to posture. Designer Niels Diffrient removed the complexities found in other office chairs and developed a simple recline mechanism that adjusts perfectly to the user.

This chair is so well designed and comfortable that is why it made it in to our top three.

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liberty posture chair

2 . Liberty by Humanscale

The Liberty task chair is another one of our favourites here at Clever Office, with its unique form sensing mesh that will accommodate any body type and give the appropriate back support that you need without the feeling that you are falling in.

In terms of comfort this chair is incredible around 60/70% of the support in the chair comes from the lumbosacral area helping you maintain a healthy lumbar curve.

The timeless and environmentally friendly design of the Liberty combines performance, simplicity and beauty with fewer parts than the traditional office task chairs. The Liberty definitely deserves it place in the top three.

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orthapedia posture chair

3.Orthopaedica by Torasen

The Orthopaedica also deserves its place on our list, this task chair provides the user with the ultimate level of support. This office chair is ideal for those who suffer from back problems. You can simply adjust the back angle and seat so the user can achieve the favourable seated position. This chair can be optimised further with additional features that include fully adjustable arms.


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Things to consider before making a purchase

  • Choose an office chair with lumbar support – a lumbar back support helps promote good posture by filling in the gap between the chair and the lumbar spine this supports the natural inward curve of the lower back.
  • Find knowledgeable suppliers – source a good supplier that will show you how to use the chair and also fit it for you when they deliver.
  • 5 year warranty – a good posture chair should come with a five year warranty however, it should last many years beyond that.


*You should never buy on looks alone and another simple mistake is not using your chair properly.


Further Information?

Clever Office stock a wide range of ergonomic chairs to suit every budget. We are fully trained in office ergonomics and we can advise you on what chair suits you better.

As every individual body is different, we can show you how to adjust the chair to the correct settings, to improve comfort and reduce the aggravation to your spine.

Feel free to contact us below if you have any questions about or posture chairs or give us a call on +353 71 91 452 57

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