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3 home office set-ups for working from home

Many of us have been working from home this year – and it looks like we could be working from home, on and off, for the foreseeable future too. 

By now, many of us have learned that the kitchen table isn’t really a long-term solution for a productive work environment. It’s also not comfortable! 

So why is it worth investing in a better home office set up? Having a dedicated home office space makes you more efficient, and cuts down on distractions. It also helps to maintain a healthy work/life balance – because you’re not carrying your work around the house with you. Step away from the desk at the end of the workday, and keep that separation between work and home life. Having a good desk and chair set-up is also incredibly important for your physical health. The stress that bad posture and a badly-fitting desk setup puts on your back and shoulders can leave you sore and aching for days. Investing in an ergonomic chair & desk will help keep you healthy and happy! 

With that in mind, have a look at some of our favourite desk & chair set-ups. 

The Maestro 25 Straight Desk paired with the Sway adjustable operator chair

This stylish set-up has plenty of storage and workable space to help you stay organised, while the Sway chair is designed to alleviate back pain, with dynamic support for the body. Its neutral colours and versatility help this set up slot in nicely to any space. The Maestro 25 Straight Desk comes in a variety of sizes, so whether you have a lot of room or a just a bit, you’ll find a desk to suit your needs.

The Tikal straight desk with a side cupboard, paired with the Riff operator chair

This pairing is perfect for a small-space home office that you want to slot nicely in with the rest of your home decor. The Tikal side-cupboard gives built in storage, for spaces where you need to be able to add a little extra storage space. And the fabric-backed operator chair features a contemporary design with the modern grey upholstery adding a touch of homeliness.

The Elev8 Sit-Stand Desk with the Jota Ergo 24-hour task chair

For someone that wants to be comfortable & healthy during the working day, the Elev8 Sit-Stand desk offers maximum flexibility. It’s easy to manipulate between siting and standing for whatever you’re feeling. For the times when you are sitting at the desk, the Jota Ergo 24-hour task chair is a perfect companion. A host of ergonomic features facilitate all-day comfort.

We also have plenty of home office accessories and solutions like storage, printers, stationery, laptop mounts and more. Shop home office solutions online here!

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